Meet Excellence Team Member Of FunkeyB

Our story

Fun Is Key In Business. We Help People Find Joy And Meaning At Work; We’re More Productive While Having Fun, And Achieve More When We Believe In Our Goals.

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are, If You’re Given The Right Tools And Motivation You Can Succeed. Leaders Aren’t Born, They’re Made.

To That End, Rather Than Simply Acting As Consultants, We Are Growing A Community Of Like-Minded People And Developing Supplementary Training For Our Members.

Join Our Community To Contribute Your Insights And Help Grow Yourself And Others; You’ll Get A Discount On Our Consulting Services Too.

Hire Us To Help With Business Strategy, Getting A New Venture Off The Ground, Making Organisational & Culture Changes, Product Launches, Or Market/Industry Analysis.

Founder story

Yichan Is The Woman Behind Funkeyb, The Virtual Community That Today Is Among The Growing Websites In The World, Founded In The United Kingdom.

The Foundation Of Funkeyb Consisted Of A Number Of Ideas About How One Could Connect People To Each Other And Make A Difference.

The Focus Was Not To Create A Single Branch; Rather The Vision Was To Build Up Communities That Had Clear Values And Goals For A Larger Change. There Was Quite Clearly A Greater Consciousness Of Using Technology To Do Something Good For The Community.

Yichan Continues To Support A Great Number Of Different Organizations And Projects To Obtain A Comprehensive View And Focus On Improvement Efforts For Funkeyb.

Funkeyb Is A Community That Enables People The Opportunity To Make Direct Contact With Various Organizations And Take Part In Making A Difference Together With Them.