We talk about culture in organisations these days. Each group, department, division, and company form a unique culture that keeps people feel a sense of belonging. Recently, an inspiring contact of mine brought up a popular term, the Cultural Intelligence!

“ Knowing what makes groups tick is as important as understanding individuals. Successful managers learn to cope with different national, corporate, and vocational cultures.”

I would say our VP of People and Culture Azza Ahmed shows strong Culture Intelligence and based on her passion for developing a great culture for people talent section. She dedicated her time, put her sweat and blood into this bespoke work – Culture Book! Now is available on the website.

FunKeyB focuses on people more than any other organisations, we share similar but a lot of different traits, characters, culture, and personalities in our team. To some degree, we came closer and worked our way to find paths to form a positive culture, diverse and inclusive team. Our mission is solid, to help our customers to find joy and meaning at work. This will help them to be more productive, with sustainable growth.

I would hight light some bits that touched my mind and heart from the book, and during working with Azza closely via virtual tools, and how the culture work in FunKeyB from the past year, see whether that generates the same feeling for the crowd:

Voice, communication, and trust

Azza emphasises the core and the foundation of people and culture in FunKeyB, without the first two, the third one would never be formed. Everyone allows to have a voice and contribute opinion in the meeting, chat, or written materials, therefore, we have a great communication platform that allows transparent information to flow through the channels, thus build trust with each other.

Flash Mentoring

When I saw this, my reaction was, hell yes! I want to get flash mentored, several times a week. We often make mentorship too formal, that depends on context and other factors. However, mentorship forms and happens in any format; meeting strangers online and offline, hang out with friends, bump into an old colleague in the coffee shop, and have the opportunity to learn from a top-notch master!

Proficiency vs Creativity

We need both to build a healthily grow organisation enable to feed those two engines! Cognitive, cultural diversity, and inclusive environments are the nuts and bolts to keep FunKeyB running, this wouldn’t happen without people believe in and put those ideas into work, and you won’t have the opportunity to read the culture book!

Sharing vulnerability

In FunKeyB, we share emotions, bad feelings, and disappointing experiences. We embrace it, not bragging for compassion, but enable us to help each other to pick things up. We created a safe, healthy culture foundation that allows people to be more of themselves; focus on being more human!

I hope you will enjoy reading the Culture Book as much as I do!