We are experiencing a unique period, and it’s going to transfer our life forever.

There are people like me who are changing career and life path for the better during the outbreak and lockdown. I would count myself lucky that I know what I want to do with my life. My physical, mental and finance bank all looking fine for my current situation that will allow me to take new adventures without breaking the banks.

Equally, I have met some people during this period who are scared and worried about the future. Don’t blame them, we all do! Some got lost! And bounce back seems harder than ever when life throws you lemons.

Here are five tips that hopefully will turn the lemons into juice for you.

#1 Rest well and eat well

Both my uncle and auntie are full-on surgeons, my grandfather was an honoured veteran, and their body and mind always on the spot. I found that they have a great routine in resting and eating good food that keeps them doing things they love. On the other hand, unhappy people have disorganised diet and sleeping routine. Treat your body as the most important asset because each organ has its own depreciation rate. If you don’t look after it, other people will, by then it will cost a lot from you!


#2 Physical exercise

You don’t have to be an athlete to into sports, but doing exercise regularly is the best way to reward your muscle both in the body and brain. Study shows that exercise makes people smarter, maybe time to take a walk, jog or meditate. I like swimming, and water helps me to take my mind away from work. Normally I spend 40 minutes doing lap swimming, and that transform my mood and feeling about myself.

#3 Money is important, but don’t get too hooked!

We all know and understand that money is a tool which helps us to do what we love; travel, studying, fulfil dreams, form a family, etc. Some of us might get lucky that our parents taught us how to manage money when we were young; some of us may learn that lesson through life experience. Either way, form a healthy long term relationship with money is crucial! My advice is don’t over-relying on money to provide you happiness. I personally get inspired by those ladies in the videos; hopefully, it will provide a good reference for your money management.


#4 Meet new people – like-minded or totally different, or both

Networking sometimes can make it sound very purpose focused. Now it’s a great time to make networking more diverse. We are likely to meet people who share similar industry, living in the same area and similar age. Keep an open mind when you get to know people can be daunting, especially if you are new to the online networking world. My pieces of advice are being authentic, showing curiosity and being friendly.

#5 Find your fun!

Remember when you were a young kid, what was the real fun that makes you want to do that again and again, hopefully never stops. Ask yourself, what would you like to spend time to gain that fun? playing scrabble? video game? reading novels? Find that fun! For yourself!