Look Back

It was a heck of a 2023. We are witnessing the power of AI and how it will influence our lives positively, and watching it grow feels excellent to be part of the game-changing for humanity.

The global economy will remain dynamic and volatile due to geopolitical tension between the US and China, which cause a ripple effect in other continents globally. As a community-based consulting firm, we will support communities worldwide needing our services.

It was sad to say goodbye to 2023 by losing Charlie Munger, Vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. He was a wise man with few words, but what he has done for the business world will pass on and be remembered for centuries.

Exciting things are happening to the FunKeyB family in 2023

Firstly, we made a positive link with AI this year to help us be more productive and serve our clients better in terms of precision and efficiency.

Our Strategy department, led by Dr Mythili Kolluru, is getting more attention under the spotlight, which allows the business world to feel the charm of daily hard work with a strategic touch that brings out the magic of the outcome. Strategy matters a lot in everyday business life. Dr Mythilli passed on her knowledge to her students and got into everyone’s skin to light up their passion individually.

Additionally, we are thrilled to Introduce the Health and Fitness (Wellness) department, led by António Silva, who is super passionate about sports and improving people’s health, by which he has consulted and coached many who benefit his programme. He and his team continually develop techniques and improve the programme to help business professionals achieve ideal health.

The culture department led by Yichan Cai is making positive changes for our clients, following the practical side of DEIB and ESG, not just fancy words hanging on the wall. Culture Blender, led by Simran Rajput, helps people explore and enjoy culture through travelling and exploring. We are helping more people happily turn travelling into a career.

We were excited that we opened a new virtual hub in Shanghai to be part of China’s new era in technology transformation, helping more people to find joy and meaning at work or search for one with both factors.

Last but not least, we are happy to welcome Pradhum Dohare to become the Online Sales Executive. He has proved to us and himself that tech professionals can be good in sales! We are looking forward to having him drive the ship into 2024!

As a team, we spend more time with our family and friends. Work-life balance is not a myth if you choose the career that suits your passion and being.


As to our clients, whether they are mega giants around the globe or small giants in the village. FunKeyB demonstrated that we care for the people and systems despite size and scale. That principle motivates us to improve at what we do, be proud, and enjoy the game while having fun. We also appreciate and value the rewards as acknowledgements and prestige. Then, start from zero again and again.


We make mistakes, and we learn from mistakes by reflection. Self-reflection and team reflection. We are so lucky to have those mentors who constantly dedicate their time to the online community.

As to what Ray Dalio always reminds us, Pain + Reflection = Progress

Adam Grant guides us on how to sport hidden talent and how to build teams with organisational psychology.

Melinda Gates tells us how important it is to empower females to improve the world economy and well-being.

Jacob Morgan interviewed many successful CEOs to show the world that being vulnerable as a leader helps them grow and succeed.

Marc Randolph teaches us to be transparent, authentic, and friendly, plus a bit of thick skin in Entrepreneurship or any workplace will help us gain a lot in the game.

And more mentors keep sharing, giving and joining the community!

Finally, the FunKeyB team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are looking forward to being part of your journey in 2024 😊

Best Wishes