It feels good to be back in the business field in 2022. It reminds me how much I loved and still love business when I started watching business news as a kid. Before saying goodbye to this year which is full of new adventures and happy feelings. I’m ready for 2023 with support from my close ones, truly appreciated, and looking forward to seeing how much I can stretch in the bright future. It feels daunting and nervous but full of love and hopes too!

I want to give back to life the way I believe it will do something good and keep thanking the people who supported and helped me in the past. 

My recent activity involves:
Learning European Portuguese.
Learning about communities from different cultures.
Enjoying working out as always.
Taking walks to chill and reflect.
Interacting and meeting new people.
And, of course, have a fulfilling and meaningful personal life.  

It feels incredible and bonkers at the same time. So why does this current experience relate to business? Why this even has to deal with being happy, healthy and wealthy?

Because without life, there is no business! 

In Chinese, the word “business” can be read or understood as The Meaning of Life. “Thing” or “Stuff” can be understood as “East-West” because the market in Xi-An attracted people to trade from China and other countries from both east and west, and foreign currency trading was implemented way before the modern economy was founded. We all know Venice started using the double booking system to better track business activities. These events seem logical to look back. I bet they were crazy ideas when initiated.

After all, we are the products of bonkers, mistakes, and accidents in a beautiful format with a good formula. So why are we afraid of being bonkers? Making mistakes and accepting the outcomes of accidents? In a positive way!

I know you find your daily work a bit boring, don’t know what the end will look like, and want to escape if possible. It seems not as exciting as when you started, or there is a change in your career, both positive and negative; either get promoted but have enormous responsibility or not get the new role, maybe lose your job, as we all read from the news. 

2023 will still be full of uncertainty and bonkers. You will feel your head buzz and sometimes your heartburn. But the good news is you are not alone. We all feel like that! 

Some advice and suggestions for those who want to thrive and shift in 2023 with that order.

Try something NEW!
I mean the new new new, not the new old. I found more digital nomads and slashers are getting somewhere in the post-pandemic era. So why not give it a go? You might turn into a professional hobbyist. This means doing things you like and getting paid, encouraging you to do better and get paid more. Imagine the cycle! I knew close introverts do well in leading, sales, marketing, coaching, and mentoring. It’s so hard! Because, in general, for me, as an extrovert is so natural, but for an introvert, this is really breaking limits and constantly self-disrupting. So if you have the close one, family, colleagues, or friends who are introverts and REALLY go for it, please don’t save the nice words around the finish line. Instead, give hugs and celebrations through every single little milestone! 
This is the NEW that I meant.
Seeking the communities
Find the communities that provide you with the soil for that NEW. You will feel it when you find the hub or group, and it rolls smoothly, making you doubt what you see. Trust me, keep going because that feeling is just the beginning. I always thought business was my private thing, and sometimes I share it with my family; they feel a female enjoys doing business is hard to get accepted by society. Luckily I found many females like me who love doing business, and we felt so alike, then decided to support each other without signing any legal documents. This is the power of community. Grasp it!

Dance, chill and argue with that NEW!
It’s like any relationship requiring management, not just impulsion. 
Need a hand? 
The FunKey team have provided plenty of insights from the past! Please feel free to read through it.
Or better have someone guide you step by step. We have a professional and fantastic team here. Just reach out when you are ready!

I hope the following reading list will bring you comfort and energy through the unknown from my experience. Happy to read your feedback!

Reading list:
中国外卖 – Chinese Takeaway By Liping Yang
Imaginative Communities: Robert Govers
Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology from edX
The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work: Alain De Botton
On Seeing and Noticing: Alain De Botton