After a long winter holiday, I spent some time to reflect from the previous year, which took me several walks, chats with close friends, writing down some words and watching some films. My 4Ts and 5Ss can be value-added to your consolidation.

1. Things that have changed for worse

· Covid-19 and Lockdown

This event has hit us hard, and some of us have experienced several lockdowns during this year. There is a certain amount of frustration in our gut, a sense of losing control more or less.

· Being apart from my family

I’m living more than 6000 miles away from my parents. I started to suffer from homesick, missing my parents, and my cousins and friends in China. I remembered sending masks back to Shanghai back in February with worry and powerless feeling. The good news is we are all healthy in mental and physical condition.

· Extra stress

The constant uncertainty changed both long-term and short-term plans. I was trying to cope with work and life, and can I say, OH MY GOD, that was hard and will be challenging this year too, however, I’m all geared up and ready for new challenges.

2. Things that have changed for better

· I’m running FunKeyB with other amazing talents, feel so honoured being part of the team.

All the members in FunKeyB are trying to look after each other’s emotions, well-being, and productive level, enabling us to provide quality content for our audience. We are growing stronger and closer despite the challenging condition. Feel so grateful and lucky!

· Meeting new people via online

After almost everything shifted from ground to online, I spent more time this year to meet new people and listen to their experiences, enhancing my view of the world and human. We are so connected no matter where we come from and what colour our skins are.

· Be more productive

Similar to everyone else, I have hit a very high level of productivity, feels great. I’m also trying to balance the level working hard but not burnout, still work in progress…

· Have more time for exercising

I have more time to enjoy exercising, and it always feels good to go for a jog, do some yoga, and strength workout.

3. Things that stayed the same for worse

· Change

Everyone or organisation changes with different speed during the pandemic; however, some groups fear of changing. Even worse, they created blaming and negative culture in the team or organisation, making everyone’s life harder. It’s fine to be aware of risks, but risk-averse might also slow down growth.

· Work from home

I have started work from home for a while as a freelance consultant and investor. I travelled a lot before lockdown, which helps keep my mind away from comfort sofa, bed, television and fridge for good. Now work from home becomes my full-time job, so I spent a lot of time to train myself for a more appropriate mindset to WFH without distraction and have a life.

4. Things that stayed the same for better

· I am happy

I am still an optimist and a happy person in general. That hasn’t changed that much, it’s a gift, and I make sure that it’s been taken care of.

· Kids

My kids are growing fast and happy, and hang out with them a lot keeps my heart young, by watching them exploring and developing to feel so happy and rewarding.

The 5Ss to expect from my 2021

Stay positive

Always be rationally positive (maybe add a little bit of craziness, what can go wrong).

Stay healthy

I’m starting to train for Sprint Level Triathlon for later this year, and can’t wait to join a big group of people once the lockdown eases off!

Stay focus

I know multitasking is not my strong suit, and I have witnessed good results being a focused person. I will share more tips in the future of how to be tactically focused on what you do.

Share time and energy with the projects that need my attention

Time is so precious to me that this might be selfish, but I only like to spend my time and effort working on projects that I see a good outcome, with cool people, and I can learn a lot from, most importantly, everyone wins!

Spend more time with the people I genuinely care and who care about me

A bit similar to the previous one, I love spending time with people I respect, who feels the same about me. The pandemic has taught us who worth your time and who doesn’t. We only have 24 hours a day, and we don’t know when we will leave the world, think that way, then you will treat every minute, hour and day in a different way.

Happy New Year!